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[OOC] Jumping Meme



I play Dean Winchester | Leto Atreides the II | James T. Kirk | Yuri Lowell | Stefan Salvatore | Sherlock Holmes | Rex Salazar | Optimus Prime | Scott Summers | Renjou Hotsuma

Anything would be helpful, especially for Hotsuma who is an anti-social loser with anger issues!! Also, it would be great if you could tell me you are okay with being contacted via e-mail and super slow threads.

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You don't even need to contact me through e-mail because you have me on g-chat, & it's always on because I leave my desktop on most of the time. So even if I am away ( the status is always a lie & neverchanging DON'T BELIEVE IT ) I can come back to any messages. & slow threads are fine by me: gimme tags anytime you want |D

I already have CR with like three of those, as well as random ones that I remember tagging you with. As for Hotsuma, pretty sure I can throw Takeru at him ( because shusei ) or Xia Tian.
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I have a lot of fabulous CR with you and you know I don't mind in the slightest with slow threading or pokings for threads and anything. Email, gchat... what have you. Poke me for threads whenever you want. I love playing with you, and I will keep doing it, and you should know this. <333

Also I'd love to get CR with Yuri somehow. And I want to poke Rex more. ...and everyone. BUT YEAH ilu ♥

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I already harass you through gchat. I WILL ALWAYS WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU '^' and everyone and anyone of yours would work.

Also feel free to jump Jean or Coulson with Hotsuma. I'd offer up Glorious Lily but I think they'd just end up in epic battoru...
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You can always jump me with Dean! And I'm also really interested with playing off of Kirk and Scott.

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Loooove meeeee.

And all of my other CR is with Yuri right now I should. Fix that.

Also I am pretty sure my threading is slower than yours.

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Sure--have at my single social character and two awkward derps. I have my email synced to my phone now, I think.

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[personal profile] fuzzybluebamf 2012-06-12 03:02 pm (UTC)(link)
PLAY WITH ALL OF MINE ILU. I'm. Bad at jumping things too but if this is a team effort it will surely work out. I am always okay with super slow threads and if you want to email me you always can. Uhhhh I have scattered bits of CR with most of yours but we can totally try something new too if you want to throw around your newer characters? Whatever works best for you!

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I subsist almost entirely on people jumping me, and you're you, so obviously, yes, yes, always. Also you will never be slower than me.

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Also like Jae my gchat is always on if my laptop is on even if I'm...not at the computer. BUT I WILL SEE IF IT I GET BACK. Or you can use e-mail ♥
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You can always jump any of mine! I JUST REALLY ENJOY TOUCHING YOUR CHARACTERS. Slow threads are not a problem at all, and I've always got gchat/gmail open, so that works fine ♥
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HIT ME UP ALWAYS WITH WHOEVER YOU WANT and you should throw Hotsuma at Josh sometime because that can only go splendidly :)d

And I'm terrible at jumping people unless they give me carte blanche to do so, or if someone just points to a thread and says 'tag here'. I'm also pretty much a slow tagger these days but I love you and want to play with you forever so call me maybe? ♥
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I really want to play Scott+Ivy and Kirk+Jason more. And anyone else you think would be interesting. SO JUMP ME and you have my Gchat and I think you already know I will thread forever.
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I would love to play with Optimus again! You're my only nice dad :'( So feel more than free to jump me!
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just fyi

also I'm good with anything
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Dean and Cas need to talk ... post-death, sob.

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[personal profile] delphic 2012-06-13 03:20 am (UTC)(link)
I always want to thread with you I don't even care how/why just let me love you.

River and Hotsuma were kind of hilarious, Richter and Yuri too.

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I'm very down for jumping and I'm sorry I got distracted and dropped things. I loved all of our threads and would like to tag with you more! Slow is fine, poking me is a thing that people do because I can be flaky. orz;