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Character: Leto Atreides II
Series: Children of Dune (Miniseries)
Character Age: 15

Canon: Arrakis. Dune. Once, the desert planet of the universe, important only for Spice; a mystical drug that allows people to travel in space and see visions of the future. Now, it is the imperial capital for the Atreides family, protected by the legacy of Emperor Paul Atreides, the Fremen Messiah. Except Paul's dead and his younger sister Alia is slowly going insane, while his children attempt to escape plot after plot to destroy their family. Surrounded by political intrigue and a legendary Golden Path to free the human race, Leto Atreides, son of Paul and heir to the Imperial Throne, finds himself confronted by all possible futures and pasts and an hourglass that is running out of time.

Born with more than a million memories and personas ready to engulf him, Leto is surprisingly strong-willed while also having enough wit and intelligence to outsmart anyone three times his age. With a penchant for teasing and a powerful innate curiosity, Leto likes to do the unexpected and explore the unknown with his own power and desires, always trying to prove to himself and the world that he is a creature of his own making. At the same time, Leto is highly perceptive of human complexities and blunt enough to confront the weaker-minded about it. All in all, Leto is a gentle and hopeful person, believing in inherent good rather than transparent evils. Remember, he's saving the universe for

Note - Leto is taken from the end of the miniseries - wormskin and all.

Sample Post:

How peculiar.

Of the many paths I ran into the desert, this is the first time I have ever run completely astray. There appears to be a large overgrown oasis with humans that have lost themselves in the decay of this place. It is sad to see how the human race here has fallen into this continuous cycle of death and rebirth, something that stirs pity within me. Perhaps I will find a way to save you as well, even if I have not seen it with my eyes. Do not worry. I can see past the horizon and my prescient eyes alone should not be my only guide. That would be ridiculous - eyes can be blind to the horizon's beauty and never perceive what is beyond the thin line of vision. The world is more than what we see. Come, sit with me for a while. My legs are weary from the distance and my sister isn't here to soothe me away into dreams and nothingness.

Do you wish to share stories? I must confess, I know nothing of this place and its culture and not knowing something is unusual for me. Part of me wishes to keep it a secret forever, but there's another part of me that desires the learning and to preserve it as an everlasting part of my being. Oh, I don't mean that in the literal sense. I doubt consuming your flesh would help you live on inside of me. But come closer and let me hear your voice speak of things that are beyond my knowledge. Tell me of the Director and her crusade for justice. I have seen many lives just like hers, but there is a difference between living a life and learning about it. Of course, for you, you seem to have lived your life, died and returned. Most would find that miraculous. I find that saddening.

But I digress, don't keep me waiting. The Director and the mythos that surrounds her... is she beautiful as she is wrathful, dragging people from across the ages to this unkempt paradise of grass and swamp-water? After all, the old Earth adage is proven to be true... "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"; my aunt being another good example. Or perhaps she has a hidden path of motives that no-one can discern. Perhaps she's doing this for the sake of us all. In time, I will understand and I hope it is through her words instead of the confused murmurings the undead possess. I wonder if the creature of the lake, as old as the time of this place, would offer me more understanding. We could see eye to eye. Or even beast to beast, as who is less human than myself?

But again, I find myself changing the topic. This place fills me with excitement and I'm letting that get the best of me. So many unknown variables, so much that I do not know. What a feeling to be imbued with! Part of it frightens me... frightens, yes! But I will face my fear and I will let it pass through me. Oh, you wonder what it is I meant? The Litany Against Fear, a saying that soothes away any fright you might face. Though, I can't imagine what terrifies you anymore. You're well beyond the threshold of fear, are you not? But since you are interested... "I will not fear, fear is the mindkiller. I will face my fear. I will put it in--"

Ahhh, you're welcome to make changes to the Litany if you wish to for different purposes, but I find... your additions most unusual and very sexual.

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