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Typing this straight from my copy of Children of Dune.

"Leto sat on the Lion Throne to accept the homage of the tribes. Ghanima stood beside him, one step down. The ceremony in the Great Hall went on for hours. Tribe after Fremen tribe passed before him through their delegates and their Naibs. Each group bore gifts fitting for a god of terrifying powers, a god of vengeance who promised them peace.

He'd cowed them into submission the previous week, performing for the assembled arifa of all the tribes. THe Judges had seen him walk through a pit of fire, emerging unscathed to demonstrate that his skin bore no marks by asking them to study him closely. He'd ordered them to strike him with knives, and the impenetrable skin had sealed his face while they struck at him to no avail. Acids ran off him with only the lightest mist of smoke. He'd eaten their poisons and laughed at them.

At the end, he'd summoned a worm and stood facing them at its mouth. He'd moved from that to the landing field at Arakeen, where he'd brazenly toppled a Guild frigate by lifting one of its landing fins."

  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Invulnerability
  • Nearly immortal
  • Can see the future
  • Can access memories all the way up to his first ancestor Agamemnon.The primary personas that guard Leto's mind from possession and attack from within is father-within (Paul Atreides) mother-within (Chani) and Harum (tyrant leader that Leto struck a bargain with in the novels)
  • Can summon a worm
  • Voice - The Voice can be used to control a person, manipulate them, make them believe they're doing things out of their own free will. The Voice can also kill you. :)
  • Reading human behaviour - Leto's not a mind-reader, but he can come pretty damn close. To quote Alia "I can read truth in the slightest tick of human behaviour".
  • prana-bindu - Leto is very, very, very flexible.
  • Can survive without food or water.
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